Gold Apartment

This apartment is the most premium choice for staying at the Athenians. Inspired by the gloriest era of Athens city, known as the Golden Age of Periklis.

Blue Apartment

This apartment is inspired by the colors of the sea & the Greek flag, and is the central apartment of the front side.

Green Apartment

Inspired by National Gardens, next to The Athenians, the green apartment’s concept is based on natural materials.

Orange Apartment

This apartment is the biggest in the Athenians complex. Inspired by the colors of the sky upon Acropolis during sunset & sunrise.

Yellow Apartment

Inspired by the sun of the Attic sky, this apartment is one of the brightest in the complex.

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The Athenians is located on 4 Xenofontos Str, at Syntagma. In the center of Athens, with views to Acropolis, 150 meters from Syntagma Square, the name of the complex, is inspired by the city’s elements.

Between sights such as the National Gardens, the historic central Athens, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and Acropolis, the Athenians location is ideal for someone who wants to explore the city of Athens, with basepoint the city’s center.

The Athenians’ goal is for the traveler to have an experimental trip, to feel like a local, to be able to walk around the city’s center, and explore its hidden spots. To live like an Athenian!